Airypack Technology
Product Patent

Patent#: 201120183980.5

Concepts and Features

AiryPack is a proprietary product design concept and manufacturing process that offers many advantages over conventional stiff paper products, especially in terms of environmental friendliness.

An AiryPack product contains less material than traditional designs. We have replaced the conventional grey board core with a stiff non-solid (hollow) material, and our design modifications allow the product to use little or no glue to secure the (printed) surface material to the stiff core. As a result, the product is much lighter than their conventional counterparts and is therefore more eco-friendly as it requires less energy to transport the raw material and the finished product.

Conventional Packaging
Stiff cardboard
100% surface glue
Complex procedures
Time consuming
High wastage
Shipped as-is
Difficult to dispose
Difficult to recycle
Airypack's Packaging
Hollow material
Minimal glue usage
Simple design
Minimal glue procedure
Low wastage
Can be shipped flat
Easy to dispose
Easy to recycle

Apart from environmental benefits, the design concept also brings more practical benefits too.

1) Simple and easy pockets A simple slit in the outer material will grant access to the space between the outer and core material, allowing a card, brochure, or even a CD to be (partially) slipped into the product without the hassle of constructing a pocket for slip-in, reducing cost and complexity of production.

2) Packaging shipped flat With a glueless design, it is possible to ship the pre-cut core and outer materials flat, reducing amount of space necessary to store the box. This gives customers the option to construct the boxes as they are needed as no equipment or other materials (e.g. glue) are necessary to complete assembly.

3) Reusable core An added benefit of shipping flat/glueless is that any unused boxes do not need to be fully disposed of. It is a simple matter of printing/preparing a new outer sheet to wrap the inner core so the core is not wasted.


Outer layer:
  • Substrate can be pre-decorated or be printable
  • Dynamic surface treatments: e.g. Laminated, Varnished, Embossed or Die-cut
Inner material:
  • Hollow material
Innovative chamber:
  • Value added features: dynamic integration with foreign parts
Invention highlights:
  • Various printing methods without restriction
  • Outer layer can be any pre-decorated materials preferable over 190gsm
  • Wrap up design provides changeable flexibility
  • Minimum glue usage (or non-glue finishing)
  • Light weight core material
  • Innovation chamber for creativity development
Gift / Premium / Packaging Container
  • Lid Box
  • Window Box
  • Booklet Box Set
  • Folded Carry Container
  • Etc.
Book / Stationery / Premium
  • Hardcover Book Cover
  • Binder
  • Portfolio
  • Presentation Stand
  • Photo Frame
  • Etc.